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Infallibles, Children

Not Even For a Mountain of Gold


When the early Muslims were subjected to ill treatment and persecution, 83 of them migrated to Ethiopia, led by Ja'far bin Abu Talib. The infidels of Makkah learnt that the Muslims were having a comfortable refuge in Ethiopia. They sent a delegation comprising of Amr bin Al-Aas and Abdullah bin Rabia to Negus, the King of Ethiopia, loaded with invaluable gifts for the king and his ministers, and with a mission to seek repatriation of the Muslims.
After having presented the gifts, they approached the King. At his court, Negus was told by Amr bin Al-Aas that the Muslims believed in a Prophet who spoke derogatorily about Jesus. Turning to Ja'far bin Abu Talib, Negus enquired:
'What do you say about Jesus?"
Ja'far recited the verse from Surah An-Nisa:
"The Messiah, Jesus Son of Mary, was Allah's apostle and His word, which He cast to Mary and a spirit from Him."
Negus picked a piece of wood from the ground and said: "By God, Jesus was not a bit higher than what you have said, not higher than even the measure of this piece." And then he turned to Amr bin Al-Aas and said:
"I am not going to harm them, even if I were given a mountain of gold. Take away all the gifts you have brought, for God did not receive any bribe from me when He blessed me with this kingdom, nor did He pay any heed to what others said about me when He decided to raise me to this status."


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