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Infallibles, Children

Being Kind to Children


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H&H.P) was very kind to children and loved them very much. One day, he placed his two grandchildren, Hassan and Hussein, on his lap and began kissing and cuddling them. A man who was passing by saw what the Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) was doing, and became very surprised. "I have ten children," he said. "And I have not kissed even one of them."
The Prophet heard what this hard-hearted man said and became very annoyed. "I do not think this man will attain paradise," he said. Our Holy Prophet loved children. He used to carry them on his shoulders. The children would become very happy and laugh.
The Prophet, too, would become happy at the pure happiness and laughter of the children and a smile would appear on his face.
Our Holy Prophet used to give his salam (greeting) to children and would tell his companions: "I give my salam (greeting) to children and respect them, and Muslims should follow my behavior and always be warm and loving with children."
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H&H.P) used to speak about children - boys and girls - and Say: "0 Muslims, 0 fathers and mothers, 0 my followers, be kind and compassionate towards children, for someone who is not kind to children has no place amongst the Muslims." Our Holy Prophet was kind to children and became happy at their pure and innocent laughter.


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