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Infallibles, tradition

The story of Hadrat Fatima (sa) and the woman who asked many questions

One day a lady came to Fatima (sa) & said 'I have a weak old mother who does not know a few problems about her Service (prayers). She has sent me towards you to question you (about them). Thus Fatima answered her (questions). And the number of her queries reached to ten & Fatima (sa) replied to all her questions. Then she (the woman got a shamed because of the high number of her questions. And said, 'Oh daughter of the Prophet (S) 'I do 'not put you to more inconvenience than this.


Fatima (sa) said, 'Ask me what you do not know. Have you ever seen a person who is one day hired to carry a heavy thing to the roof top from ground for an amount (equal to) a thousand dinars (nearly a hundred thousand miskal (unit of weight) of gold) & he may feel himself tired. She said “No”. Fatima (sa) said, 'I have been hired by Allah to get a wages which if the space between the earth & sky is filled up with pearls still (That wages) would he more than it for each of the questions I may answer you. Therefore, I deserve it that I must not feel tired "& exhausted.'


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