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Infallibles, tradition

The Sign of Man’s Love for Allah: Islam quotes

The Sign of Man’s Love for Allah

The Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, ‘The sign of [man’s] love of Allah is the love of the remembrance of Allah, and the sign of [man’s] hatred towards Allah is his hatred towards the remembrance of Allah, Mighty and Exalted.’[Kanz al-`Ummal, no.1776]

Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, regarding what Allah, most High, revealed to Prophet Moses (AS), said, ‘He lies who claims that he loves Me, yet when thenight covers him up he sleeps away from Me [forgetting Me]. Is it not that every lover loves to be alone with his beloved?!’[Amali al-Saduq, p. 292, no. 1]


Infallibles, tradition

Family and parents in Islam quotes

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, Paradise lies at the feet of thy mother.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, Allah's pleasure is in father's pleasure and Allah's displeasure is in father's displeasure.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, He who wishes to enter Paradise must please his father and mother.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, It is a pity, young persons may not attain Paradise by not serving their old parents.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, A man must do good to his parents, although they may have injured him.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said,  Kindness is a mark of faith and whoever has not kindness has no faith.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, No father has given his children anything better than good manners.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said, Treat children with a view to inculcate self respect in them.

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Infallibles, tradition

Love in Islam leaders' quotes

Love is Kinship

1– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Love is acquired kinship.’[Tuhaf al-`Uqoul, no. 97]

2– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Love does not need kinship so much as kinship needs love.’[Nahj al-Balagha, Saying 308]
That Which Brings About Love

3– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Three things bring about love: good temperament, kindness, and humbleness.’[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4684]

4– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Three things bring about love: piety, humbleness, and generosity.’[Tuhaf al-`Uqoul, no. 316]

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Infallibles, tradition

The remedy for anger: Islam's recommendations

Here are two quotes from Islam leaders related to the remedy for anger:

12– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘O Ali, do not get angry, and if you do get angry, then sit down and reflect upon the power of your Lord over His creation and His clemency towards them in spite of it. And whenever anyone tells you [condescendingly] to fear Allah, expel your anger and remind yourself of your clemency.’[Tuhaf al-`Uqoul, no. 14]

13– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Remedy your anger with silence, and your carnal desire through your reason.’[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 5155]


Infallibles, tradition

Islamic leaders' quotes about anger

Here are some quotes from Islamic leaders about anger ad its consequences:

Anger is the Key to All Evils

1– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘Anger is a smouldering ember [kindled by] Satan.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 73, p. 265, no. 15]

2– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Rage is a type of madness because the one enraged feels regret later on, and if he does not feel regret, then his madness has become ingrained.’[Nahj al-Balagha, Saying 255]

3– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Anger is the key to all evils.’[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 303, no. 3]

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