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Quran, Infallibles

Recitation of the Holy Quran Desired by the Holy Prophet (s)

Ibn e Masood was one of the scribes of the revealed Verses of the Holy Quran. He wrote down a verse as soon as it was revealed.
One day, the Holy Prophet (s) said to Ibn e Masood, ‘Today I want to hear you recite verses from the Holy Quran.’
Ibn e Masood opened his manuscript and started reciting Surah An-Nisa. The Holy Prophet (s) listened, totally engrossed. When Ibn e Masood reached Verse 41, which read,
“How will it be, then, when We summon a witness from every group and summon you as a witness over them?”

The Holy Prophet (s), his eyes brimming with tears, said, ‘Ibn e Masood, read no more, that will do.’


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