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Quran, Ayatollah Bahjat

As long as the Quran is in the hands of Muslims ...

I heard that in a parliament session in France a representative picked up a Quran and said: “As long as this book is in the hands of Muslims we will not be able to rule over them.” This is confirmed by the fact that 300 years ago one of the leaders of an Islamic faction stated in an agreement: “The Quran must be translated into a language other than Arabic.”

Islamic governments must be in the hands of Muslims. The disbelievers do not want the Quran to be in the hands of Muslims and to rule over Muslims. They want it to be how the present day Torah and Bible are in their own countries. They are trying to take out the verses of jihad and of cursing the disbelievers. The only verses that will remain are verses in regards to worship.

Ayatollah Bahjat


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