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Quran, Ayatollah Bahjat

Striving to study the Qur'an and acting upon it

Learning, teaching, reciting, and acting upon the Qur’an

We have the responsibility of striving to learn, teach, recite, and act upon the Qur’an. However, whilst we place the Qur’an upon our heads on the nights of vigil [i.e. the Nights of Power], in practice, we step upon the verses of hijab, backbiting, lying and the verses, "Woe to the defrauders,"[Surah al-Mutaffifeen (83): 1] "Do not speak to your parents in an ill-tempered manner,"[Surah al-Israa (17): 23] and "Do not walk exultantly on the earth."[Surah al-Israa (17): 37]

 Ayatollah Bahjat



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