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Quran, Ayatollah Dastgheib

A proof of the existence of the Day of Judgment: Islam's view

The concept of resurrection is accepted after one uses this faculty of thought. Is it possible for one to create this amazing body without a purpose?

What is all this wisdom and knowledge that has been given to man for? Was man created to live on earth for a couple of days, eat, sleep, produce babies, satisfy his desires and die? This would be pointless. The Qurān says:

“Did you think that we created you in vain and that you will not return to us?”


The creation of man would be in vain if the Day of Judgment did not exist. Man would have been created to eat in order to defecate and defecate in order to eat. This is a never ending circle which is illogical.

One would be able to figure out that there has to be another world; the world that man was created for. One would be able to figure this out without

using the help of Prophets and revelation. One would understand that this world is not the principal dwelling place of man. One would realize that there has to be another world, a world without the difficulties, discomforts, diseases and evil found here, a world full of pleasure and success. This world is the dwelling place for animals, but the next world is the dwelling place for man.

They ask: “How is it possible for man to be given life and raised after he has died and been decomposed?” The answer is in the verse: “Verily He is able to bring him back.” Allah is definitely able to bring them back; He just has to create them again.

Whatever is found in this earth is an example of Allah's power and strength. Allah says in chapter Hijr, verse 21:

“There is not a thing but its (sources and) treasures are with Us; but We only send down thereof in due and ascertainable measures.”

Some of the bounties that Allah will give can be found, to a small degree, on the earth. For example, one of Allah's bounties is a beautiful fragrance. Some fragrances, like flowers and perfumes, can be found on earth. The best fragrance was that of Prophet Muhammad (S), because he is heaven.

The fragrances of the world are limited and will not overstep their bounds. They are limited in the fragrance itself as well as the duration of the fragrance. But, the fragrances of heaven, according to a tradition from Imām Sādiq (a) last for one thousand years. Also, there are traditions that say that one who severs relations with his family will not even be able to even smell the fragrance of heaven.

Ayatollah Dasgheib


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