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Imam Khomeini

A Retrospect on the Iranian Female Collective: Women Shaping the Islamic Republic of Iran

In the collective and feminine rise against the Pahlavi machine, a regime that held no merit for their traditional values, many women gave more than the articulation of their voice: they gave their blood.


By Anahita Hamzei*


     Much can be said about Iran’s legendary revolution of 79’ which established the nation of morals -- we know it today as the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Strong, intelligent, courageous men of the revolution are often recognized all over the globe: their brave actions opened innovative portals to freedom for the Iranian majority. However, what of the women? What roles did the women of Iran play, if any, to ignite a revolution and succor in the defeat of the oppressor? There is no doubt that Iranian women played a strong role, collectively, in a society that was stretched on the brink of a revolution.

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Infallibles, Imam Khomeini

Salute to the free Christian nation who enjoys heavenly teachings of Jesus!

When the late Imam Rohuollah Khomeini (ra), founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was in exile in Neauphle-le-Château, France, he penned a message of felicitations addressing all Christians of the world, and he called upon all devoted Christians and their leaders to voice opposition towards the tyrannical rule of Shah over the Iranian nation. The following is the full text of the mesage:


In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


May peace and God’s greetings be upon His Majesty, Jesus son of Mary, Ruhollah[1]; the noble prophet who revived the dead and awakened those asleep! May peace and God’s greetings be upon his lofty mother, the Virgin Mary, a sincere lady who--with God breathing into him His spirit—offered such a honorable son to those thirsting for divine mercy!

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Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini

The Blessed Month of Ramadan is an Invitation to God's Feast: Imam Khomeini

In Ramadan you should strengthen yourself morally

The sacred month of Ramadan is ahead; a month in which you should strengthen yourself morally. There is a tradition attributed to the Noble Messenger about informing the people of the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. One of the phrases is: "You have been invited to God's feast." The difference between God's feast and peoples' feasts is that when you go to a feast, you will have some items of food to eat and means of entertainment befitting your status. But in God's feast, one part is to observe the fast. Another important item which is a spiritual meal from the Unseen, is the Holy Qur'an. You have been invited to His feast; you are His guest in the month of Ramadan. Your host has compelled you to fast. Block those avenues that lie open to worldly considerations and lusts so that you are prepared for the "Laylatuul-Qadr."

The month of Sha`ban is the prelude to the holy month of Ramadan

The month of Sha`ban is the prelude to the holy month of Ramadan. It prepares the people for the holy month and for the feast of God. When you want to go to a party, you do not go in your usual, everyday dress. You normally dress up in another way and attend the party in a different manner. You modify your manners from what they might be when you are at home. The month of Sha`ban is the time for that preparation before attending the party, just as you get ready and make yourself look a bit different from the way you appear in your house. Sha`ban is the month that prepares these people; these Muslims, for" God's Feast."

The high value of "Munajat-e Sha`baniyyah"

And the manner of preparation lies in the "Munajat-e Sha`baniyyah." I have not seen any other supplication that has been said to have been recited by all the Imams, as is the case with this Sha`baniyyah Supplication. This supplication is unique in this regard; I do not recall any other one that the Imams used to recite. The purpose of this Sha`baniyyah Supplication is to prepare you and everyone for" God's Feast."
Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 13, p. 28


Scholars, Imam Khomeini

Selected Spiritual and Ethical Quotations from Imam Khomeini

The whole world and what exists in it along with its superficial aspects is not worth even a cent by comparison to the station prepared for the righteous servants of God.

This world, with all its superficial splendor and glitter is too insignificant to be worthy of love.

What values does this fleeting and apparently sweet life have (assuming that it is very sweet) in comparison to endless chastisement?

Attention to other than God covers man with veils of darkness and light.

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