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Infallibles, Allameh Tabatabaee, tradition

Download the book of "Sunan An-Nabi" by Allama Tabatab'i

Sunan al-Nabī (Arabic: سنن النبی) is a book written by 'Allama Tabatab'i in order to be an introduction to the traditions of the Prophet (s). This book originally is in Arabic and it has 21 chapters and it has been translated into Persian, English and Urdu.

This book presents a collection of narrations on the conduct, customs, and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S), those that he always performed and those that describe his way of life.

Sunan an-Nabi is not a biography or a story. It is a beautifully compiled collection of narrations from the Shia sources, organized by topic, all relating the words, behavior, characteristics, and practices of the Prophet of Islam. It can be read one hadith at a time, in a few pages per sitting, fill hours in deep reflection, or as a reference when studying particular topics. However it is read, it has the potential to become one of the most important books on your shelf.

We can learn all kinds of things in fewer than 300 pages.  For example,

  • It is sunnah to make jokes as long as they don’t involve lying or hurting people.
  • The Prophet used to give kind and honorable nicknames to men, women, and children and always called them by these names to make them feel good.
  • The Prophet mended his own clothes and shoes – neither discarding them nor giving them to someone else to mend.
  • He disliked black clothing, except for the turban, shoes and cloak.
  • He kept a rooster and approved of its use for waking the people for prayer.
  • If the Prophet had a disturbing dream, as soon as he woke he would say, “He is Allah, the one who has no partner.”
  • About temporary marriage, the Prophet said, “I would not like for a person that he should leave this world while not having performed an action that was performed by the Holy Prophet.”
  • He ate with his hands and licked his fingers after he finished.
  • When giving condolence to someone who suffered a loss in his family, he would say, “May Allah recompense you and have mercy on you.”
  • To treat fever, he mixed the weight of ten dirhams in sugar with cold water and drank on an empty stomach.
  • When performing Wudhu, the Prophet moved his rings three times to assure coverage.
  • He taught his companions and their children to recite the Tasbih of Fatima (peace be upon her), saying that the one who recites it will never become miserable.

This book presents an opportunity to move beyond distant admiration of the Prophet and towards a more intimate and beneficial relationship.  If we can know the sunnah better and apply that knowledge, then we can get closer to the best of people and closer to our Creator as well. 

Download the book of Sunan an-Nabi


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