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Ayatollah Bahjat

Beautiful wallpapers of Ayatollah Bahjat's quotes

Imams are kinder than parents

 The true awaitors



 The light of intellect

 The effect of food on the self


 God's mercy



The importance of taking precautionary measures




insisting on small sins







The importance of Quran




The way to bring the conflicts between couples to an end is to give Sadaqah and pray


Abstaining from sins is the key to prosperity in the world and hereafter




Prayers is the greatest manifestation of servitude


Prayers is the best time for meeting and being in the presence of God


 Ask for imam's relief at Jamkaran mosque



The importance of Tawassul







If we would act upon the Quran ...



Any path that a man takes without adhering to the Quran and Sunnah, will lead him to a continuous decline




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