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But do they want to make Cyrus enter Iran: How humble Imam Khomeini was

One day in Paris, there was a phone call from the Welcoming Committee from Tehran. I was in charge of the office and telephone of the Imam. It was Martyr Dr. Beheshti, who said: “For the entrance of Imam we have arranged a programme; tell the Imam that we will carpet the airport, decorate it with lights, we will go between the airport to Behesht-e-Zahra (as) by helicopter and …”
When I told the Imam this, he, according to his habit of always of listening carefully to the person who is speaking and then replying, after listening to me carefully, with his particular decisiveness and clearness said:

“Go and tell the men that do they want to make Cyrus enter Iran? This is not necessary at all! A student has left Iran and that same student is returning to Iran. I want to be among my people and go with them, even if I get trampled upon.”

Notes: Cyrus was a previous king of Iran, who ruled approximately 2,500 years ago
Kaihan newspaper, 14/4/1368


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