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Imam khomeini deeply felt indepted to the families of martyrs

Imam who stood firm and solid against oppressors and the forces of shaytan, was very humble with the child and mother of a martyr.
As an example, a mother of a martyr had come from Ahwaaz to meet the Imam. She had also written him a letter but was not successful in meeting him. She stayed for 2 or 3 days in the same area, and then returned to Ahwaaz. There she wrote a letter along the following lines: “Hazrat Imam! I came to Tehran but was not successful in meeting you.” Imam had written on the top of this letter: “Until you bring this martyr’s mother to meet me, I will not go to meet anyone.”

Another time I also remember that we had gone to meet him. Imam had finished his Dhuhr prayers. I entered and said that a number of the families of martyrs want to come and kiss your hand. Imam came and sat. The people who were there lined up so that they could kiss the Imam’s hand.
In this state, they were crying and would not pass after seeing the Imam. We were really ashamed that this inconvenience had been created for him, and that there was an interruption between his prayers. Upset, we finally decided to tell them to pass through. At one point, Imam turned to me cheerfully and said: “How are you? No, allow them to be.”
Source: The book of "Paa be Paaye Aaftaab", Pg. 109-110


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